Healthcare - 1Q20 Sector Overview

China Makes Immense Efforts to Fight Against the Coronavirus and Plans to Strengthen Domestic Medical Systems

The Chinese government has taken strict control measures to cut the spread of the novel coronavirus which outbroke in Wuhan city in January, including locking down Hubei province, restricting transport, closing public areas, and asking people to stay at home. Two special hospitals were built in the city along with 16 cabin hospitals to treat COVID-19 patients, with the help of 42,000 medical personnel sent by other provinces. However, the coronavirus has been rapidly spreading outside China since March, and China currently has switched the prevention and control focus to imported COVID-19 cases.

China and the US signed the phase one trade deal on January 15. China promised to establish a new system for the protection of drug patents, and agreed to intensify punishments for fake drugs and publish relevant information.

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Key Topics Covered:

China has conducted a series of measures to combat the COVID-19 pandemic, such as sending medical teams, building special hospitals, and restricting flow of people
State Council publishes guidelines to reform China’s basic medical security system, including improving infrastructure to withstand epidemics
NHSA requires nationwide public hospitals to join in the second round of the centralized drug procurement program
The drug distribution market will see large players taking up more market shares while others will seek out alternate retail channels

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