Financial Regulation

Financial Regulation - 4Q19 Sector Overview

How Are China’s Regulatory Bodies Responding to Increasing Market Pressures?

In 3Q19, China’s GDP only grew at a rate of 6.0%. This representedthe bottom end of the national government’s estimate of a 6.0% to6.5% rate for 2019.

For the financial industry, Chinese regulators in the fourth quartermainly focused on lowering financial risks across various sectors,continually working on capital market reforms, and rolling outmonetary support for the real economy. Additionally, they have alsobeen ramping up draft rules pertaining to financial opening-up insectors such as fund management, futures and securities. Asidefrom that, Chinese financial regulators have continued to supportcompanies to raise funding through market-oriented methods suchas issuing bonds and equities.

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You’ll Learn How:

Financial regulators are helping to reduce risks within thebanking sector, especially for small and medium-sized banks.
Regulators are easing rules regarding foreign financialinstitutions amid a continued financial opening-up.
Regulators release P2P transformation rules with two optionsthat continue to push the industry to downsize.
Regulators more effectively lowering financing costs through LPRreform.

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