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Financial Regulation - 1Q20 Sector Overview

How Are China’s Regulatory Bodies Responding to Increasing Market Pressures?

Looking back, in 2019, the Chinese economy grew at a rate of 6.1% YoY. Meanwhile, the original 2020 GDP growth forecast from State Council was 6%. However, the outbreak of the coronavirus has severely disrupted domestic economic activities in the first two months of 2020. At the moment, the top priority has been helping businesses nationwide overcome difficulties and resume operations. This is to stabilize employment and prop up the national economy, citing Premier Li Keqiang.

PBoC, the country’s monetary policy regulator, is trying to increase liquidity in the market through several monetary tools. These include releasing refinancing, rediscounting loans, and expanding capital for commercial banks to issue more credit to businesses nationwide.

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Key Topics Covered:

PBoC implements monetary tools to ease financial pressure caused by the COVID-19 outbreak
Regulators are continuing to ensure adequate financing for small businesses through fundraising, refinancing, and adopting a more flexible monetary policy
Regulators are expediting market-oriented reforms in the insurance market amid the COVID-19 outbreak
CSRC and NEEQ continue to reform China’s New Third Board to make it more accessible for investors, easier for companies to list, and more supportive of top performers

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