Finance - 4Q19 Sector Overview

A Slowing Economy Sees China’s Finance Sector Looking for Growth Opportunities Through Expanded Services and Subsidiaries

China keeps seeing progresses in its financial opening up during 4Q19, which also gained supports from various market players. This also further facilitatedmore capital inflow to the Mainland from the oversea capital markets.

Fintech industry is also rapidly developing during the quarter in China, while increasing number of tech firms including BAT companies are stepping into this sector.

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More Chinese tech companies are strengthening their presence in financial markets by leveraging their digital and data capabilities.
China’s yuan is becoming a more internationalized currency through bond issuances in the global capital market and other forms of financial mechanisms.
China keeps seeing progress in opening up domestic financial sector asan increasing number of overseas institutions look to expand their business layout in the Mainland this quarter.
While a growing number of overseas financial companies entered the Mainland, Chinese firms are also expanding their businesses in a more globalized financial environment.
A growing number of Hong Kong listed commercial banks are seeking IPOs in Mainland’s A-share markets.

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