COVID-19 in China Markets:

Lessons Learned from the Front Lines

Keep abreast with the most up-to-date information on COVID-19 market moving events in China. With China as the first market affected by and recovering from the pandemic, see how the country is shaping and responding to get daily operations back up and running. Here, you will see how government regulators and companies across the industries are adjusting policy and their businesses, respectively, to soften the impact of COVID-19 and seize new market opportunities.

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Key Topics Covered:

Financial regulators are responding to stabilize the economy
The healthcare space is adjusting for future pandemics, and supporting R&D vaccines for COVID-19
Online services in education, gaming, and remote working are capitalizing on new market opportunities
The US-Sino trade is affected by the pandemic
MNCs are changing their supply chains in China

COVID-19 Impact on Key China Industries

Financial Reg 1Q20

Finance 1Q20

Technology 1Q20

Healthcare 1Q20

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