Red Pulse is an event-driven research firm headquartered, incorporated, and registered in Hong Kong (#2255299) and with an office in Shanghai, covering market events impacting Chinese companies, sectors and the overall economy. We deliver this in real-time via web portal red-pulse.com, iOS app, email and partner distribution platforms, giving analysts, investors, traders and advisers the edge they need to make better informed decisions. We spun out of strategic consultancy Z-Ben Advisors in early 2015 and are now a separate company fully dedicated to providing China market analysis and insight to our clients. 



Red Pulse develops concise two-paragraph research notes that highlight major China market events such as government policy shifts, regulatory developments, emerging industry trends, M&A, company earnings surprises and sanctions, to name a few examples. Our core value proposition consists of separating the "signal from the noise", as there is no lack of readily available information on China markets - the real challenge is knowing what is important and understanding the context in order to better understand the ultimate impact on Chinese companies, sectors and overall economy. Currently, we cover the Finance, Tech & Internet and Consumer sectors, producing eight research notes per sector along with two macroeconomic notes on a daily basis. 

Our research notes are distributed in real-time via our private web portal, iOS app and partner distribution platforms, which include Bloomberg, Thomson Reuters, S&P Capital IQ and FactSet. Clients that are less time-sensitive also have the option of receiving a single end-of-day email digest of our content. 



Our research analysts and content editors collaborate closely to develop our daily research notes. Each note follows a stringent process of initial aggregation, curation, analysis and finally, production. The result is real-time market coverage that is more timely, relevant and actionable than competing serivces.



Red Pulse was founded and currently managed by industry veterans in China financial and investment research.