Compliance is a core focus of the Red Pulse expert network business. Our expert network platform facilitates an open sharing economy for research, connecting industry experts with institutions seeking market insights to make better informed decisions. The limitations of accessing information is an important aspect of Red Pulse’s compliance framework and we have created comprehensive protocols to help clients and experts in identifying potential conflict.

For Red Pulse Expert Network Staff

All of Red Pulse’s internal staff working on expert network projects are required to attendinternal compliance training. Our expert network staff are also required to attend specialized training applicable to specific clients and/or projects. Further, internal expert network supervisors provide continuous compliance audits of all ongoing projects to ensure quality control.

For Experts

Contracts: To be eligible to join the Red Pulse expert network platform, candidates are required to review, sign, and re-sign our Expert Network Agreement by which they agree to:

  • Not disclose any confidential or proprietary information in the interest of the client.
  • Not disclose non-public material information related to any company, industry, government action or legislation.
  • Not disclose any information which might result in his/her breach of any legal, ethical, or professional standard or duty.

Interview: Before a candidate can be considered an expert on the Red Pulse network platform, our trained professionals will interview the candidate to assess his/her professionalism, expertise, and demeanor. If the candidate is successful in joining our platform, a secondary (and perhaps even a tertiary) interview may be performed on the same expert depending on the project and/or client with whom the expert is placed.

Training: Red Pulse expert network experts are required to go through training during their onboarding process as an expert as well as possibly before and duringeach client project. Training is delivered to experts by our trained professionals and will cover a range of topics from industry-specific topics to best-practices, and is formulated to sensitize experts to any fiduciary and ethical obligations they may have.

For Clients

When working with both new and returning clients, Red Pulse’s expert network team will guide clients through our company’s compliance policies and procedures, and provide information on best compliance practices when interfacing with experts.