China's Ministry of Culture and Tourism to Resume Domestic Package Tour

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China’s Ministry of Culture and Tourism (MCT) issued an announcement to resume domestic package tour on July 14, after a nearly six-months suspension due to the onset of the Covid-19 pandemic, as reported by Caixin on the next day. Meanwhile, outbound tourism and traveling to domestic regions considered with middle to high-level risk of coronavirus infections, such as XinCun in the Fengtai district, Beijing, remains forbidden.

The tourism industry in China has been jeopardized by the pandemic since the beginning of 2020. Based on the estimation made by the China Tourism Academy (CTA), the revenue of domestic tourism in 2020 would be RMB530bn, a decrease of 69% YoY. However, the MCT has called for the resumption of domestic package tours. According to [TCOM:US], the number of relevant searches for hotels and flights on their platform soared 500% after the announcement was issued.

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