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Tik Tok Partners With Multiple Record Label Including Universal and Warner

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Chinese short video mobile platform, Tik Tok, reached an agreement with multiple record labels and obtained the right to use all the content in their full music libraries, reported CNR on August 10. Some big names include Warner Music Group, its subsidiary Warner/Chapell Music, Universal Music Group [VIV:FP], now a subsidiary of French media conglomerate Vivendi, and Taihe Music Group. Both Warner and and Universal are the “Big Three” record labels in the World, while Taihe is one of the largest players in C-pop (Mandopop). This cooperation means Tik Tok now can use copyrighted content for more than 10m songs worldwide. 

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Copyright protection has long been Tik Tok’s focus in its development as a business. While adding on these new agreements, it continues its partnership with more than 800 domestic record companies to provide licensed music to its users and protect copyrights. Earlier this year, Tik Tok also launched its “See the Music” project to support original and independent musicians; this project has attracted 14,000 musicians and produced more than 80,000 original works.

Yilin Wang