China Imposes Anti-dumping Duty on Rubber Imports

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China's Ministry of Commerce today announced temporary anti-dumping duties on halogenated butyl rubber from the United States, the European Union and Singapore, reported Reuters on August 10. These duties range from 23.1% to 75.5% and will be in force from August 20. Halogenated butyl rubber is a kind of synthetic rubber used in many applications requiring high impermeability, including manufacture of adhesives, agricultural chemicals and other products.

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The Chinese Ministry has been evaluating these duties on synthetic rubbers from these countries as early as April, and decided on these final rates today. However, U.S. faces a heavier duty among these regions. The 75.5% tariff would apply to U.S. rubber specifically, including those made by Exxon Mobil [XOM:US] and other U.S. companies. EU companies also face a high tariff of 71.9% but those from Singapore face lower tariffs.

Yilin Wang