Your Knowledge
Is Valuable

Red Pulse is a knowledge ecosystem where analysts can contribute articles and analysis on Chinese markets. Become a contributing analyst and get paid for sharing your knowledge.
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Your Knowledge Is Valuable
Get Paid for Sharing Your Knowledge
Get Paid for Sharing Your Knowledge
Contributors earn money by submitting articles and analysis on Chinese markets. The amount you can earn depends on how much content you post, the quality of your content, and how popular your content is.
Build Your Reputation as an Expert
As part of the Red Pulse ecosystem, your content will be viewed by investors, researchers, and finance professionals from all over the world. Your content will be distributed via the Red Pulse platform, mobile app, newsletters, and content partners such as Bloomberg. Full credit will be given to you as the contributing expert, and your content is secured and protected by our revolutionary PHOENIX platform.
Build Your Reputation as an Expert
Next Generation Ecosystem Built on the Blockchain
Next Generation Ecosystem Built on the Blockchain
The Red Pulse ecosystem runs on top of PHOENIX, a next generation token and infrastructure that utilizes the latest in blockchain technology to provide Proof of Creation, Proof of Ownership, regulatory compliance, IP protection, and accountability.

What can you write about?

Red Pulse contributors are individuals who want to share insights and ideas on Chinese financial markets. These individuals can be investors, fund managers, analysts, researchers, or freelance writers. The content they post come in the form of event notes, company and sector analysis, or general articles and opinions about China’s macro economy.

    How it works?

    • Sign up
      Sign up
      Sign up to become a Red Pulse contributor. Once approved, you will be given some basic guidelines and rules.
    • Start writing
      Start writing
      After you’ve been approved, you can start writing content immediately. Your content will be published after they are vetted by our in-house team of editors.
    • Get paid
      Get paid
      You will start earning money as soon as your first article is published. Payouts will be in the form of our native PHX token, which can later be redeemed for the currency of your choice.

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